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Use of blocks HAUS P6-20 for door, window frame heads and other crosspieces.

Frame head arrengament 1     Frame head arrengament 2
Crosspieces are strengthened with armature.
Block HAUS P6-20M turns over and two reinforcement rods are fixed by a wire to internal partitions of the block.
In case of a bearing wall in addition to strengthen a crosspiece, in internal partitions of the block the puncher or a hammer create similar available with an underside grooves where placed two more reinforcement rods. All rods tie together by a wire
Quantity and diameter of armature, according to planned loadings, the designer should calculate! 
Frame head arrengament 3     Frame head arrengament 5
Finished construction is filled in with concrete.
If the wall is constructed with HAUS S6 blocks which height in a laying is 200 mm, it is necessary to consider, height of blocks for crosspieces HAUS P6-20 is 250 mm, therefore a row should be laid out from HAUS SM6 blocks
Thus the strong, reliable and aesthetically acceptable partition turns out.
Frame head arrengament 5     Frame head arrengament 6

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